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RAF Portreath War Diary: 1939 - 1945

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The story of RAF Portreath during the Second World War. This comprehensive account is more than the traditional history of an RAF base as it sets the aerodrome in its context in the local community and records how the war impacted the village of Portreath and the neighbouring hamlets. Drawing from a wide range of wartime documents from the RAF and from archives in Cornwall, Phil Hadley tells in diary form a tale of heroism and bravery, of tragedy and loss, of humour and vitality that will have you amazed at the role this Fighter Command airfield played in many of the major events of the war from the defence of Britain amidst numerous air raids to the campaigns of North Africa, the Mediterranean and Italy, from the Battle of the Atlantic to the Battle of Biscay and the defence of the invasion armada as it sailed for the beaches of Normandy. Also covered is the work of Coastal Command and the Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit which lodged on the airfield as well as the airfield's defences, the role of the local Home Guard, and the anti-invasion measures enacted in this part of Cornwall. Illustrated with over 120 photographs, half of which date from the war, this is the most comprehensive work on wartime RAF Portreath yet published.

"A great read for locals, history buffs and aviation enthusiasts alike! Includes pictures and stories that you won't find anywhere else. Its formatted much like a day-to-day diary of the base and includes first-hand accounts of life during the war in Portreath and further afield in Cornwall. Well worth getting! All credit due to the author, well done."

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