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Gorran Haven & District War Diary: 1939 - 1945

Gorran Haven & District War Diary 1939 -

Nestled on the south Cornish coast, the beautiful village of Gorran Haven has a long and proud history. This short eBook looks at the events and people of the village and neighbouring area during the Second World War. As well as providing a record to the six years of war, it also gives a fascinating insight into how the global conflict impacted a small rural community. Gleaned from a wide range of primary and published sources, author and historian Phil Hadley guides us through local social happenings to the death of Gorran's sons in faraway places. He also lists the involvement of the community in defending itself against German aggression that will have the old village families checking for their forbears and newcomers to the village looking to see what happened at their address.

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What Readers Have Said

“Well done for producing this, it really is wonderful.”

Michael Bunney, Gorran Haven History Society

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