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About The Author

Phil Hadley arrived in Cornwall on an overnight train in August 1967 at the age of four when his parents relocated from the east end of London. On arrival at Redruth station, the family were taken to a local farm for a Cornish breakfast that included clotted cream on cereal and a full fry up. When shown their new home Phil discovered his bedroom view was of a castle on a hill, and the park next door to the house. He decided he’d arrived in paradise and has never left!

Having obtained a BA Hons degree in History at Swansea University, he has worked and lived in the county ever since. He came late to writing but says the ideas had been ruminating for a long time.

Besides his passion for Cornish history, he lists walking amidst the county’s fantastic scenery, playing the piano badly and being a lifelong supporter of Leeds United as his interests. He is also a regular worshipper at a local church.

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