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A Place And A Name

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Jargon Buster

A page explaining the abbreviations and currency of World War Two Britain.

Major Isaac Trevennel is back in Cornwall to test out the defences of some of Cornwall’s strategic installations when he discovers all is not as it should be. In the spring of 1941, when fear of invasion is on the rise, there is sabotage in the dockyard, lights on the hill above the aerodrome and a stranger in the village that is home to a top secret listening post of the Radio Security Service. The Major had hoped to take the beautiful ATS Corporal Elizabeth Treluckey to meet his parents over a quiet, romantic weekend, but an agent on the loose would endanger his best laid plans, let alone threaten the security of the nation at this perilous time as she stands alone against the might of Nazi Germany. Will the Major get his man and save his weekend or was the weekend just the beginning of his troubles?

A Place And A Name is the second book in the Trevennel trilogy. Its printing and launch was impacted by the coronavirus restrictions but it has been well received by readers eager to find out the next instalment of the saga.

What Readers Have Said

“I have just finished reading 'A Place and a Name' and I wanted to let you know right away that I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the historical setting because, apart from the story itself, everything else was real and factual, giving a rich flavour of wartime in Cornwall. I also liked the climax of your story, right here on our doorstep. Thanks again for a good read. Well done on a well written novel.”

Geoff Fox, Gorran Haven

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